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UTEC ltd and is specialized to find and offer the most optimum machines for wood and
metal working. We also fulfill the most demanding needs in specialty radio equipment.  From 2012
onwards also growing portfolio of building and construction machines can be found from us.

The corner stone of our business is well satisfied customers. We want to serve our customers on the
best possible way.

Our own brand name for machines is NOVA. These products can be found only from us. NOVA is
100% Finnish brand and guarantees high quality with excellent price quality ratio. Our prices include
Finnish VAT. We give a one year warranty for our products. We deliver all equipment directly from
our own stock and can offer also competitive transport services via our logistics partners.

The business and domain is today operated by UTEC ltd. Company is new but the
business behind it has a long tradition dating back to the end of 70’s when Uranus- Tuonti ltd was
being established. Business continues today its long tradition in the same place as before - at
Lapua which is about 380km Northwest of Helsinki. Our new warehouse and offices has been built
between 2007 and 2011 to respond the needs of growing business. We are growing between 20-
30% annually.

We are transparent by having our own direct contacts to contract manufacturers around the world.
By this we are able to offer the most competitive pricing with highest quality and service without
delay. We also offer our consulting service in different import related projects. Our contact network
spreads over the globe and we are happy to serve whatever your needs are.

Our main and home markets are in Finland. We have also business existing in neighboring Baltic
countries, Russia and in Scandinavia. Together with the growing business our geographical
presence has also increased and we are currently starting our activities in Central and Southern

We have audited and visited all the factories who we work with. We are proud to say that we have
selected the best manufacturers for our NOVA brand. Quality is clear priority for us and our

We serve our customers during weekdays from 8am till 5pm (EET). We are happy to serve
during non- business hours as well.

We serve also in English. You may find the sales persons on our web site on the left side

Below you may find pictures of our staff, warehouse and offices.

Our product portfolio consists, e.g.:
Lathes in different sizes
Circular saws
Band saws
Welding machinery
Plasma cutters
Metal milling machines
Drilling machines
Spindle moulders
Panel saws
Wood working tables

Sanding machines
Skid steer loaders
Plate Compactors

Dust collectors
Combination machines
Pipe benders
Analog and digital radio communication systems
Marine- and aviation transceivers

Amateur radio equipment and accessories
Wide-band spectrum monitoring systems
Antennas, power supplies, power meters and analyzers - Fair Business.

NOVA - Machines & equipment